2021 Pre-NSC Rankings

We are ready to present our next set of pre-nationals rankings! Our rankings for teams attending PACE NSC will be similar to those in past years, as they only take into account performances on mACF sets. If you would like to see other pre-nationals ranking methodologies that have been discussed, check out this analysis article. With the prelim brackets now available, we hope these rankings will be helpful in making your predictions!

Thanks as always to our Patreon donors for supporting our rankings:

Jeremy Nelson
Todd Garrison
Nicole Pruitt
Goma Srinivasan
Fred Morlan
Sindhu Nair

Enjoy your new rankings, and good luck to all teams competing at NSC this weekend!

1Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech A (VA)134.49BHSAT
2Arcadia A (CA)124.76STASH
3Richard Montgomery A (MD)121.28Prison Bowl
4Wayzata A (MN)119.96STASH
5Montgomery Blair A (MD)117.90BHSAT
6Beavercreek A (OH)117.60LONE STAR
7University Lab A (IL)116.61LIT
8Hunter A (NY)116.34DART
9Solon A (OH)115.40MCMT
10Belmont A (MA)114.30SATURNALIA
11St. Mark’s School of Texas A (TX)113.70STASH
12Adlai E. Stevenson A (IL)113.60Prison Bowl
13Detroit Country Day A (MI)112.77MCMT
14Westview A (CA)112.73IKEA
15Chattahoochee A (GA)112.71RAFT
16TAG Magnet A (TX)112.41DART
17Kinkaid A (TX)111.28Prison Bowl
18Greenhill A (TX)110.37WORKSHOP
19Barrington A (IL)110.35BHSAT
20Lambert A (GA)109.58WORKSHOP
21Ladue A (MO)109.03BHSAT
22East Chapel Hill A (NC)108.60LONE STAR
23High Tech A (NJ)106.30BHSAT
24Detroit Country Day B (MI)102.09STASH
25Russell A (KY)101.21Scottie
26Chattahoochee B (GA)101.10DART
27Great Valley A (PA)100.85RAFT
28Woodford County A (KY)99.62Scottie
29Hunter B (NY)97.30WORKSHOP
30Detroit Catholic Central A (MI)96.47DART
31North Carolina Science and Math A (NC)96.40SATURNALIA
32Cinco Ranch A (TX)94.99STASH
33Hotchkiss A (CT)94.79Prison Bowl
34Choate A (CT)94.59BHSAT
35Del Norte A (CA)93.84LONE STAR
36duPont Manual A (KY)93.56Scottie
37Wayzata C (MN)93.25Prison Bowl
38Miami Valley A (OH)92.93Scottie
39Ithaca A (NY)92.80IKEA
40Wayzata B (MN)92.67LONE STAR
41Rockford Auburn A (IL)91.83DART
42Hoover A (AL)91.12Spring Novice
43IMSA A (IL)91.09IKEA
44Manheim Township A (PA)91.00LONE STAR
45Centennial A (MD)90.37STASH
46Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech B (VA)90.08BHSAT
47Troy A (MI)85.58LONE STAR
48Adlai E. Stevenson B (IL)85.50RAFT
49Solon B (OH)85.27LONE STAR
50Northfield A (MN)83.38STASH
51St. Joseph A (IN)82.65Spring Novice
52Northmont A (OH)82.57LONE STAR
53Chattahoochee C (GA)81.13RAFT
54Winston Churchill A (MD)81.05STASH
55Canyon Crest A (CA)80.64SATURNALIA
56Barrington B (IL)80.45RAFT
57Norfolk Academic Guild A (VA)79.67RAFT
58Maggie Walker Governor’s School A (VA)79.13RAFT
59Rockford Auburn B (IL)78.17Prison Bowl
60Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech C (VA)77.08Prison Bowl
61Richard Montgomery B (MD)77.03Prison Bowl
62Carbondale A (IL)74.65DART
63Lisgar A (ON)73.76Spring Novice
64Johns Creek A (GA)73.29RAFT
65Parkway West A (MO)72.10SATURNALIA
66Southside A (SC)71.01MCMT
67Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech D (VA)69.90Prison Bowl
68U of Toronto Schools A (ON)66.50CATT
69Langley A (VA)65.00LONE STAR
70Troy A (CA)61.49Prison Bowl
71Biotech A (NJ)61.15Prison Bowl
72Montgomery Blair B (MD)58.52BHSAT
73Rock Bridge A (MO)58.50SATURNALIA
74Eldon A (MO)54.42MCMT
75Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech E (VA)51.59Prison Bowl
76Grain Valley A (MO)50.64Prison Bowl
77Fort Osage A (MO)39.71MCMT

In addition, the following teams are registered for NSC but do not have any usable mACF stats in our system: George Wythe A (VA), Maggie Walker Governor’s School B (VA), South Burlington A (VT)

Here are the adjustments for our mACF-only rankings:

SetP/G Adj.Rescaled P/GPPB Adj.TeamsP/G LinksPPB Links
LONE STAR0.0000.000.00201437446
Prison Bowl0.2011.352.62111331342
Spring Novice-0.060-0.40-0.6442142149
ACF FallN/AN/A2.5616078
ACF WinterN/AN/A7.054028
ACF RegionalsN/AN/A10.197047

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