In October of 2018, Groger Ranks was founded as an alternative method of ranking quizbowl teams that took powers into account in addition to PPB. Today, it has expanded to encompass podcasts, polls, and more.

Thanks to frequent Groger Ranks user Karan Gurazada for making this publicly-available calculator using the latest published adjustments.


The rankings include any teams that have played appropriate tournaments this year (which have both proper power and PPB stats) and have met the requirement of 10 PPB. A-Sets, MSNCT, and other novice sets are not included because they are not good indicators of performance at the high school nationals level.

For the specifics of how our rankings are calculated, Groger Ranks member Steven Liu has written this excellent paper on the methodology of calculating adjustments and using them to generate rankings.

Every set is adjusted based on difficulty so that power and PPB stats can be compared across difficulties. You can read more about our adjustments in this analysis article.

The rankings aren’t based solely on the best performance of a team, but a combination of performances, all weighted in importance. You can read about our weighting methodology in this article.