Groger Ranks is a ranking of the top HS quizbowl teams started by John John and William Groger of The Miami Valley School, along with Arjun Nageswaran of Stevenson High School. The team has expanded since and now includes Steven Liu of High Tech as a full time member, along with additional support with Dylan Bowman from University Lab High School and Anson Berns from Montgomery Blair High School. Keaton Martin from Woodford County High School acts as the “graphic designer”, having designed the logo for Groger Ranks.

The rankings are based on any teams that have played appropriate sets this year which include both proper power and PPB stats, and have a sufficient performance to be considered. The rankings use the formula (((12.5 * Adjusted Powers/Games) + (125 * Adjusted Points per Bonus/30))/2) – (Negs/Games). This formula makes it so that a team that gets 8 adjusted powers will get 50 points for the power section, and a team with 24 aPPB will get 50 points in the bonus section. This makes up the bulk of the ranking, with teams that get 24 aPPB and 8 adjusted powers scoring 100 points in this part. The negs per game are then subtracted, to differentiate between teams of similar skill level. Due to a lack of resources, only teams with 18 aPPB and higher were ranked. A-Sets, MSNCT, and other novice sets were not included due to not being good indicators of performance at the HS-nationals level.

The rankings aren’t based solely on the one best performance of a team, but a combination of performances, all weighted in importance. For a team with at least three “rankable” performances, their final ranking is ((3*Best Performance)+(2*Second Best Performance)+(Third Best Performance))/6. For a team with two “rankable” performances, their final ranking is ((2*Best Performance) + Second Best Performance)/3. For a team with only one “rankable” performance, their final ranking is obviously just that performance.

This website is not meant to be a competitor to HSQBRank. Rather, it attempts to be another method of ranking teams using different factors. Perhaps curiosity killed the cat, but please don’t kill our rankings!