The following article was a contribution by the entire Groger Ranks staff and many members of the HSQB community who helped out with this poll. Thank you.

After the success of the 2018-19 Midseason Poll, we here at Groger Ranks dared to run a Pre-Nationals Poll. We opened the poll up to anyone to fill out 15 spots on a blank ballot for who they thought the top 15 teams were for three different rankings (overall, predicted HSNCT standings, and predicted PACE NSC standings), and then asked for a brief justification to see if they knew what they were talking about. In rare cases, we asked people to clarify if we felt their ballot seemed a little bit suspect due to the justification and in rarer cases we completely excluded the ballot entirely. We then weighted each ranking with every first place vote a team received warranting 15 points every second place vote a team received warranting 14 points, and etc.. After adding up all the scores, we dropped the highest and lowest score from each team. We also averaged it out to find what the average ranking for each team was.

Thanks as always to the following subscribers on Patreon:

Vikshar Athreya

Sindhu Nair

Fred Morlan

Felix Wang

Gomathy Srinivasan

Now without further ado, your top 15 in each of the three rankings (there weren’t enough for a top 25 with the adds and drops for some of the rankings)!

Overall Rank Team Points Average Rank
1 Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech A 315 1
2 Beavercreek A 274 2.952380952
3 Montgomery Blair A 254 3.904761905
4 James E. Taylor A 253 3.952380952
5 Adlai E. Stevenson A 210 6
6 Hunter A 168 8
7 Ladue A 161 8.333333333
T-8 Rockford Auburn A 123 10.14285714
T-8 University Lab A 123 10.14285714
10 IMSA A 120 10.28571429
11 Wayzata A 117 10.42857143
12 Chattahoochee A 107 10.9047619
13 Detroit Catholic Central A 83 12.04761905
14 Miami Valley A 76 12.38095238
15 High Tech A 42 14
HSNCT Rank Team Points Average Rank
1 Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech A 295 1.952380952
2 Beavercreek A 286 2.380952381
3 Hunter A 248 4.19047619
T-4 Adlai E. Stevenson A 246 4.285714286
T-4 James E. Taylor A 246 4.285714286
6 Montgomery Blair A 211 5.952380952
7 Ladue A 125 10.04761905
8 Wayzata A 114 10.57142857
9 Miami Valley A 99 11.28571429
10 University Lab A 93 11.57142857
T-11 Richard Montgomery A 85 11.95238095
T-11 Rockford Auburn A 85 11.95238095
13 LASA A 69 12.71428571
14 Chattahoochee A 62 13.04761905
15 IMSA A 39 14.14285714
PACE Rank Team Points Average Rank
1 Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech A 315 1
2 Montgomery Blair A 260 3.619047619
3 Beavercreek A 249 4.142857143
4 James E. Taylor A 229 5.095238095
5 IMSA A 168 8
6 Ladue A 161 8.333333333
7 Adlai E. Stevenson A 151 8.80952381
8 Rockford Auburn A 149 8.904761905
9 Chattahoochee A 140 9.333333333
10 University Lab A 136 9.523809524
T-11 Detroit Catholic Central A 130 9.80952381
T-11 Wayzata A 130 9.80952381
13 Miami Valley A 72 12.57142857
14 High Tech A 69 12.71428571
15 Canyon Crest A 48 13.71428571

Congratulations to TJ for not only topping the overall poll, but for also being the favorites according to those who took the poll to win both HSNCT and PACE NSC! Along with them topping our overall Groger Ranks, the mACF Groger Ranks, the NAQT Groger Ranks, and Hard Sets Groger Ranks, TJ is certainly the favorites to win nationals. We will see how they end up doing.

Although with the Midseason Poll we were able to record a podcast, we were not able to record one in time by the time this poll closed. However, we will be recording a podcast in the next couple of days to review over the results and will post the link to Groger Ranks once we do so.

Here are the ballots, along with our calculator for full transparency: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1psxooSEJHOXFChUAyIKYfVdYqPUxjOouA5uEBj4SvWE/

Thank you for participating in the poll and happy studying ahead of nationals! Groger Ranks will continue to be here and we will constantly try to serve you better!

– The Groger Ranks Team


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