March 25, 2019 Rankings: Top 250

It's already the end of March and nationals season is approaching quickly (much quicker than some of us would like to admit)! Hopefully all the teams have been studying hard to prepare for deep nationals runs at one or both of the nationals. If teams would like to prepare for hard nationals-level questions against other … Continue reading March 25, 2019 Rankings: Top 250

February 13, 2019 Rankings

As you may know, we recently bought a domain name and upgraded this site. However, there are understandably costs associated for that. We would encourage anyone who can to either sign up to be a patron at or order a Groger Ranks customized personal quizbowl notebook at Now that all that is out … Continue reading February 13, 2019 Rankings

The Rankings Begin: October 7, 2018

Only teams that have played a tournament this season have been included in the rankings, and thus they should be viewed more as a relative ranking of the teams listed than an absolute, overall ranking. The rankings use the formula (((12.5 * Adjusted Powers/Games) + (125 * Adjusted Points per Bonus/30))/2) - (Negs/Games). This formula … Continue reading The Rankings Begin: October 7, 2018