The Rankings Begin: October 7, 2018

Only teams that have played a tournament this season have been included in the rankings, and thus they should be viewed more as a relative ranking of the teams listed than an absolute, overall ranking. The rankings use the formula (((12.5 * Adjusted Powers/Games) + (125 * Adjusted Points per Bonus/30))/2) – (Negs/Games). This formula makes it so that a team that gets 8 adjusted powers will get 50 points for the power section, and a team with 24 aPPB will get 50 points in the bonus section. This makes up the bulk of the ranking, with teams that get 24 aPPB and 8 adjusted powers scoring 100 points in this part. The negs per game are then subtracted, to differentiate between teams of similar skill level. Due to a lack of resources, only teams with 18 aPPB and higher were ranked. A-Sets and MSNCT were not included. This is not meant to be a competitor to HSQBRank. Rather, it attempts to be another method of ranking teams using different factors. Perhaps curiosity killed the cat, but please don’t kill our rankings!

1 Hunter A
2 Uni Lab A
3 Wayzata A
4 Stevenson A
5 Beavercreek A
6 Miami Valley A
8 Auburn A
9 High Tech A
10 Lexington A
11 Chattahoochee A
12 Ithaca A
13 “A* Four”
14 DCC A
15 Wilmington Charter A
16 Greens Farms A
17 Troy A
18 Solon A
19 Millburn A
20 St. Marks A
21 Colleyville Heritage A
22 Plano West A
23 Cistercian A
24 Parish Episcopal A
25 GNS A
26 High Tech B
27 Phillips Academy A
28 Henderson County A
29 Singapore American A
30 Allderdice A
31 Glasgow A
32 Westview A
33 Greenhill A
34 George Washington A
35 Sandburg A
36 Dunbar A
37 Olympian A
38 Barrington A (RI)
39 Livingston A
40 Westview B
41 High Tech C
42 Kellenberg A
43 Latin A
44 Del Norte A
45 Hinsdale Central A
46 Latin B
47 Barrington A (IL)
48 St Marks B
49 Uni Lab B
50 Darien A
51 DCC B
52 Cistercian B
53 Clark A
54 East Brunswick A
55 Woodford County A
56 La Jolla A
57 North Hollywood A
58 H-F A
59 Hanover A
60 Beavercreek B
61 Dublin Scioto A
62 Darien B
63 Eastside A
64 Wilton A
65 Mountain Lakes A
66 TMS A
67 East Brunswick B
68 Copley A
69 Johnson Central A
70 Daviess County A
71 Hunter B
72 Northmont A
73 Plano West B
74 Dunbar B
75 Dupont Manual A
76 TJ Classical A
77 Blazer A
78 Russell A

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