2022-23 mACF-Only Midseason Rankings

Welcome back for the first rankings of 2023, our annual series of midseason rankings! In addition to these mACF-only rankings, we have posted overall and NAQT rankings as usual. If you think we missed results from a tournament or have access to stats that are not publicly available, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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Now, enjoy your midseason mACF rankings!

1Detroit Country Day A (MI)127.55Scottie
2Barrington A (IL)117.37C++
3Buffalo Grove A (IL)115.68C++
4Hunter A (NY)108.12SHOW-ME
5Mira Loma A (CA)107.80KICKOFF
6Homestead A (CA)103.05KICKOFF
7Ladue A (MO)102.85KICKOFF
8Fair Grove A (MO)102.83KICKOFF
9Saratoga A (CA)101.89KICKOFF
10Belmont A (MA)100.93KICKOFF
11Rockford Auburn A (IL)100.52KICKOFF
12Darien A (CT)96.42SHOW-ME
13Chattahoochee A (GA)95.19KICKOFF
14Johns Creek A (GA)95.06KICKOFF
15Raleigh Charter A (NC)95.01SHOW-ME
16Bellarmine College Prep A (CA)94.29KICKOFF
17Hoover A (AL)93.52SHOW-ME
18Waubonsie Valley A (IL)93.11KICKOFF
19Mission San Jose A (CA)93.04KICKOFF
20Detroit Catholic Central A (MI)92.62Scottie
21Stanford Online A (CA)92.41KICKOFF
22Mexico A (MO)92.20Scottie
23Cedar Crest A (PA)91.88KICKOFF
24Maggie Walker Governor’s School A (VA)91.73IQBT-1
25Dunbar A (KY)91.05Scottie
26William Fremd A (IL)90.47C++
27Parkway West A (MO)89.28KICKOFF
28West Windsor-Plainsboro North A (NJ)87.89KICKOFF
29Choate A (CT)87.22KICKOFF
30Wayzata A (MN)86.50SHOW-ME
31Midtown A (GA)86.46Scottie
32Woodland A (CT)86.22SHOW-ME
33Buchholz A (FL)85.76KICKOFF
34East Chapel Hill A (NC)85.71SHOW-ME
35Livingston A (NJ)84.51SHOW-ME
36Southwestern A (IL)84.27Scottie
37High Tech A (NJ)83.90SHOW-ME
38Princeton High A (NJ)83.84SHOW-ME
39Challenger-Strawberry Park A (CA)83.77KICKOFF
40Ithaca A (NY)82.52SHOW-ME
41Belmont B (MA)81.09KICKOFF
42IMSA A (IL)81.04C++
43Vista Del Lago A (CA)80.83KICKOFF
44Leland A (CA)80.53KICKOFF
45Henderson County A (KY)80.35Scottie
46Harker A (CA)80.20KICKOFF
47Darien B (CT)78.27SHOW-ME
48Wilton A (CT)77.56SHOW-ME
49Northmont A (OH)77.52Scottie
50Wissahickon A (PA)76.91KICKOFF
51Hinsdale Central A (IL)76.90C++
52Alabama Cyber Tech A (AL)76.21Prison Bowl 2022
53Johns Creek B (GA)76.16Scottie
54Staples A (CT)76.09SHOW-ME
55St. Paul Academy A (MN)75.89SHOW-ME
56BASIS Silicon Valley A (CA)75.40KICKOFF
57duPont Manual A (KY)75.36Scottie
58Irondale A (MN)75.35SHOW-ME
59Chattahoochee B (GA)74.16C++
60North Carolina Science and Math A (NC)73.99SHOW-ME
61Bloomington A (IL)73.67C++
62Lindbergh A (MO)73.51KICKOFF
63Maggie Walker Governor’s School B (VA)73.51IQBT-1
64Dunbar B (KY)72.73Scottie
65Danville A (KY)71.94Scottie
66William Fremd B (IL)71.83KICKOFF
67Washington A (CA)71.48KICKOFF
68Barrington B (IL)70.78C++
69St. Joseph Central A (MO)70.56IQBT-1
70Mounds Park A (MN)70.32SHOW-ME
71Metro-East Lutheran A (IL)69.85Scottie
72West Point A (AL)69.36SHOW-ME
73Carbondale A (IL)69.36C++
74Choate B (CT)68.43KICKOFF
75University School of Nashville A (TN)68.31SHOW-ME
76BASIS Silicon Valley B (CA)68.02KICKOFF
77Paideia A (GA)68.00Scottie
78Bella Vista A (CA)67.81KICKOFF
79Westview A (OR)67.79SHOW-ME
80Olympian A (CA)67.69KICKOFF
81Waukee Northwest A (IA)67.04SHOW-ME
82Livingston B (NJ)66.60SHOW-ME
83Johns Creek C (GA)66.44Scottie
84Casey County A (KY)65.93Scottie
85Lake Highland A (FL)65.75KICKOFF
86Sullivan A (MO)65.74Scottie
87Springfield A (IL)65.40Scottie
88Hudson A (WI)65.04SHOW-ME
89College Heights Christian A (MO)65.01Scottie
90Johnson Central A (KY)64.94Scottie
91Lambert A (GA)64.94Scottie
92Edmonson County A (KY)64.85Scottie
93Washington A (MO)64.46IQBT-1
94Rio Americano A (CA)64.40KICKOFF
95Glasgow A (KY)64.38IQBT-1
96Innovation Academy A (GA)64.25KICKOFF
97North Gwinnett A (GA)64.20Scottie
98Waukee A (IA)64.00SHOW-ME
99Detroit Catholic Central B (MI)63.98Scottie
100Stanton College Prep A (FL)63.83KICKOFF
101Early College at Guilford A (NC)63.39SHOW-ME
102Buckingham A (MA)63.28KICKOFF
103Hoover B (AL)63.17Prison Bowl 2022
104St. Francis A (CA)62.73KICKOFF
105Ankeny A (IA)62.64SHOW-ME
106Central Hardin A (KY)62.62Scottie
107Trinity A (KY)62.37Scottie
108West Windsor-Plainsboro North B (NJ)62.07KICKOFF
109Ames A (IA)62.01SHOW-ME
110Chamblee Charter A (GA)61.93Scottie
111Smithville A (MO)61.77Scottie
112Chattahoochee C (GA)61.67Scottie
113Hoover C (AL)61.67SHOW-ME
114Southside A (SC)61.38KICKOFF
115Vista Del Lago B (CA)61.25KICKOFF
116Columbia Independent A (MO)60.88KICKOFF
117Kickapoo A (MO)60.25Scottie
118Chatham Glenwood A (IL)60.19Scottie
119Houston A (MO)59.89Scottie
120Fremont JFK A (CA)59.44KICKOFF
121duPont Manual B (KY)58.90Scottie
122Brookline A (MA)58.41KICKOFF
123Parkway West B (MO)58.22IQBT-1
124Maggie Walker Governor’s School C (VA)58.21IQBT-1
125Wayzata B (MN)58.19SHOW-ME
126Rock Bridge A (MO)58.01Scottie
127Spain Park A (AL)57.92SHOW-ME
128Waukee B (IA)57.76SHOW-ME
129Wayzata C (MN)57.72SHOW-ME
130Hunter B (NY)57.65SHOW-ME
131Clayton A (MO)57.58KICKOFF
132Bronx Science A (NY)57.12SHOW-ME
133Mascoutah A (IL)57.06KICKOFF
134Richlands A (VA)57.01KICKOFF
135King School Stamford A (CT)56.67SHOW-ME
136Churchill Middle A (CA)56.63KICKOFF
137Cave Spring A (VA)56.58Scottie
138Chattahoochee D (GA)56.40Prison Bowl 2022
139Cookeville A (TN)55.95KICKOFF
140Calvary Lutheran A (MO)55.06KICKOFF
141Norfolk Academic Guild A (VA)54.69IQBT-1
142Green Hope A (NC)54.69SHOW-ME
143Lindbergh B (MO)54.45KICKOFF
144Springfield B (IL)54.30Scottie
145Eden Prairie A (MN)54.30SHOW-ME
146Paideia B (GA)54.25Scottie
147Springfield Central A (MO)54.11Scottie
148Northview A (GA)54.10KICKOFF
149Simon Kenton A (KY)53.70KICKOFF
150Chattahoochee E (GA)53.65Prison Bowl 2022

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