February 13, 2020 Rankings

Welcome to the first rankings of 2020! When we posted our midseason rankings and midseason poll results, University Lab A from Urbana, Illinois was siting at #1 with Hunter and Miami Valley not too far away. With these new rankings, we have a shakeup in the rankings with a new #1 after the tournaments of the past month or so. These rankings were, as always, brought to you by our Patreon subscribers, namely:

Dawn Combs

Fred Morlan

Goma Srinivasan

Kaili Fan

Sindhu Nair

Vikshar Athreya

Tyler Vaughan

1Hunter A (NY)115.36EFT
2University Lab A (IL)112.48Penn Bowl
3Miami Valley A (OH)111.43Scottie
4Millburn A (NJ)110.11EFT
5Phillips Academy A (MA)108.16WAIT
6Adlai E. Stevenson A (IL)107.53RAFT
7Stanford Online A (CA)107.00LOGIC
8Saratoga A (CA)106.81EFT
9Ithaca A (NY)106.74EFT
10Mission San Jose A (CA)106.22EFT
11Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech A (VA)105.90Penn Bowl
12Westview A (CA)103.08BLAST
13Beavercreek A (OH)102.85BLAST
14Chattahoochee A (GA)101.32LOGIC
15Richard Montgomery A (MD)100.98IS-186
16Georgetown Day A (DC)100.58EFT
17Lambert A (GA)100.17LOGIC
18Strake Jesuit A (TX)98.89HFT
19St. Mark’s School of Texas A (TX)98.40EFT
20Detroit Catholic Central A (MI)97.84CALISTO
21Wayzata A (MN)96.85IS-188
22Ed W. Clark A (NV)96.51IS-190
23East Chapel Hill A (NC)95.50EFT
24Manheim Township A (PA)95.43WAIT
25High Tech A (NJ)94.85IS-186
26Barrington A (IL)94.80IS-188
27LASA A (TX)94.58IS-186
28Lexington A (MA)93.93EFT
29U of Toronto Schools A (ON)93.83EFT
30Mounds View A (MN)93.78WAIT
31Brophy College Prep A (AZ)92.65HFT
32East Brunswick A (NJ)92.28RAFT
33Arcadia A (CA)92.17BLAST
34Wayzata B (MN)92.09IS-186
35Ladue A (MO)91.59WAIT
36Stanton College Prep B (FL)91.41IS-186
37Centennial A (MD)91.09IS-186
39Del Norte A (CA)90.33SSNCT-19
40Woodford County A (KY)90.19CALISTO
41Eastside A (GA)90.03WAIT
42Greenhill A (TX)89.73IS-186
43Carnegie Vanguard A (TX)89.50IS-188
44Hunter B (NY)88.75IS-186
45Solon A (OH)88.62CALISTO
46Cambridge A (GA)88.50WAIT
47St. Louis Patriots A (MO)88.27LOGIC
48Latin School A (IL)88.23CALISTO
49Davis A (CA)87.96LOGIC
50Hoover A (AL)87.94LOGIC
51Cistercian A (TX)87.87IS-190
52Detroit Country Day A (MI)87.86HFT
53BASIS McLean A (VA)87.84IS-186
54McLean A (VA)87.77IS-188
55Chicago Christian A (IL)87.52CALISTO
56William Fremd A (IL)86.97CALISTO
57Hinsdale Central A (IL)86.69Prison Bowl XII
58Russell A (KY)86.67RAFT
59Tenafly A (NJ)86.23RAFT
60Williamsville A (IL)85.97LOGIC
61Westview B (CA)85.93LOGIC
62Great Valley A (PA)85.89IS-190
63Adlai E. Stevenson B (IL)85.73IS-188
64Harker A (CA)85.61IS-188
65Belmont A (MA)85.58WAIT
66Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech C (VA)85.31MWT
67Northmont A (OH)84.84Scottie
68Penn Manor A (PA)84.15Penn Bowl
69Lusher A (LA)83.96IS-188
70TAG Magnet A (TX)83.79IS-190
71Santa Monica A (CA)83.74IS-186
72Adlai E. Stevenson C (IL)83.42IS-188
73Eden Prairie A (MN)82.82IS-188
74Adlai E. Stevenson D (IL)82.61CALISTO
75William Henry Harrison A (IN)82.57IS-186
76Plymouth A (NH)82.38Scottie
77Acton-Boxborough A (MA)82.33HFT
78Springfield A (IL)82.24IS-188
79Buffalo Grove A (IL)82.18IS-188
80Bellarmine College Prep A (CA)81.83LOGIC
81Southside A (SC)81.80LOGIC
82Dorman A (SC)81.78BLAST
83Mira Loma A (CA)81.43IS-190
84George Washington A (WV)81.24IS-186
85Freeman A (VA)81.13RAFT
86Archbishop Mitty B (CA)80.98LOGIC
87Wilmington Charter A (DE)80.72RAFT
88Livingston A (NJ)80.48RAFT
89Dunbar A (KY)80.40IS-188
90Chattahoochee B (GA)80.38Penn Bowl
91Middlesboro A (KY)80.36Scottie
92Darien A (CT)80.34LOGIC
93High Tech B (NJ)80.32IS-186
94Alton A (IL)80.24IS-188
95Raffles A (SG)80.16IS-186
96Hotchkiss A (CT)80.10LOGIC
97Homestead A (CA)79.80IS-188
98Copley A (OH)79.73IS-186
99Henderson A (PA)79.62IS-186
100Hamilton A (AZ)79.28SSNCT-19
101Richard Montgomery B (MD)79.15IS-186
102Carbondale A (IL)78.92BLAST
103Enloe A (NC)78.63IS-186
104James Clemens A (AL)78.53Scottie
105Carmel A (IN)78.30IS-188
106Westmount A (ON)77.74MWT
107Jones College Prep A (IL)77.70IS-188
108North Gwinnett A (GA)77.58IS-186
109Plano West A (TX)77.09IS-188
110Alma Bryant A (AL)77.06IS-190
111Evanston A (IL)76.96IS-188
112Rockford Auburn A (IL)76.72IS-188
113St. Anselm’s A (DC)76.57IS-186
114Macomb A (IL)76.44LOGIC
115Paideia A (GA)76.40WAIT
116St. Joseph A (IN)76.29IS-186
117North Carolina Science and Math A (NC)76.29IS-186
118Hoffman Estates A (IL)76.14IS-188
119Wheeler A (GA)75.89BLAST
120Parish Episcopal A (TX)75.84IS-186
121Caddo Magnet A (LA)75.82IS-188
122Challenger-Almaden A (CA)75.67IS-188
123Wilton A (CT)75.49IS-186
124Daviess County A (KY)75.26Scottie
125University School A (OH)75.26IS-186
126Dunlap A (IL)75.14IS-188
127St. Francis A (CA)75.04LOGIC
128Detroit Catholic Central B (MI)74.98WAIT
129Great Valley B (PA)74.68IS-190
130Friends Select A (PA)74.67IS-188
131Trinity A (PA)74.65IS-190
132Carl Sandburg A (IL)74.65IS-188
133Merrol Hyde A (TN)74.62Scottie
134Clarke A (NY)74.07IS-188
135East Brunswick B (NJ)73.97IS-190
136Maggie Walker Governor’s School A (VA)73.83IS-186
137Monta Vista A (CA)73.76LOGIC
138Ridgewood A (NJ)73.69IS-186
139James E. Taylor A (TX)73.58IS-190
140Bellaire A (TX)73.46IS-186
141Strake Jesuit B (TX)73.43HFT
142Cinco Ranch A (TX)73.20IS-192
143Eden Prairie B (MN)72.95IS-186
144College Heights Christian A (MO)72.92HFT
145Palatine A (IL)72.75IS-188
146BASIS Scottsdale A (AZ)72.74IS-186
147Lynbrook A (CA)72.64LOGIC
148Kinkaid A (TX)72.28IS-192
149Great Neck South A (NY)72.08SSNCT-19
150Dougherty Valley A (CA)71.88IS-188
151South Forsyth A (GA)71.85IS-186
152Chattahoochee C (GA)71.77LOGIC
153Blacksburg B (VA)71.70Prison Bowl XII
154Irvington A (CA)71.63LOGIC
155Community School of Naples A (FL)71.51IS-190
156American International Guangzhou A (GD)71.37IS-188
157Archbishop Mitty A (CA)71.24LOGIC
158Kellenberg A (NY)71.09HFT
159Loyola Academy A (IL)70.98IS-188
160Lakewood A (OH)70.57IS-186
161Norfolk Academic Guild A (VA)70.52IS-188
162Seoul International A (SK)70.26IS-188
163Christ School A (NC)70.12IS-190
164Cranbrook Kingswood A (MI)69.91IS-190
165Buchholz A (FL)69.72IS-186
166Plano West B (TX)69.71IS-190
167St. Joseph Central A (MO)69.67HFT
168Allderdice A (PA)69.57IS-186
169Archbishop Hoban A (OH)69.54IS-186
170Singapore American A (SG)69.42IS-188
171Seven Lakes A (TX)69.32IS-188
172BASIS Chandler A (AZ)69.21IS-186
173Dalton School A (NY)69.19IS-188
174Choate A (CT)69.15RAFT
175Harker B (CA)68.97IS-188
176William Fremd B (IL)68.85CALISTO
177Thomas Jefferson Classical A (NC)68.85IS-186
178Treasure Valley A (ID)68.37EFT
179Dublin Scioto A (OH)68.10IS-188
180Wheatley A (NY)68.07LOGIC
181Walnut Hills A (OH)67.89IS-186
182Seton Hall Prep A (NJ)67.82IS-188
183Detroit Catholic Central C (MI)67.71WAIT
184duPont Manual A (KY)67.64BLAST
185Johns Creek A (GA)67.49BLAST
186Churchill Middle A (CA)67.37IS-188
187Advanced Math & Science A (MA)67.37Scottie
188Metea Valley A (IL)67.30IS-188
189Shaker Heights A (OH)67.13IS-186
190Blacksburg A (VA)66.99Prison Bowl XII
191Chatham Glenwood A (IL)66.90IS-188
192Gwinnett Math and Science A (GA)66.72IS-186
193Timothy Christian A (IL)66.53IS-188
194Coppell A (TX)66.37IS-186
195Centennial B (MD)66.35IS-186
196Barrington B (IL)66.33IS-188
197Strake Jesuit C (TX)66.25IS-188
198Saratoga B (CA)66.24LOGIC
199Grady A (GA)66.14WAIT
200Itawamba Agricultural A (MS)66.03IS-190
201Walton A (GA)65.91LOGIC
202Lincoln-Way East A (IL)65.68IS-188
203Great Valley C (PA)65.66IS-190
204Early College at Guilford A (NC)65.59IS-186
205Ben Franklin A (LA)65.57IS-186
206Eden Prairie C (MN)65.49IS-186
207Hwa Chong A (SG)65.42IS-186
208Gunderson A (CA)65.33LOGIC
209Valley Christian A (CA)65.24LOGIC
210Dublin A (CA)65.18IS-188
211Hunter C (NY)65.16IS-186
212Mandarin A (FL)65.12IS-186
213Westminster A (GA)65.08BLAST
214Cave Spring A (VA)64.84Prison Bowl XII
215North Kansas City A (MO)64.78IS-186
216Wayzata C (MN)64.75IS-186
217North Hollywood A (CA)64.67HFT
218BASIS Chandler B (AZ)64.61IS-186
219Decatur A (GA)64.51LOGIC
220University Lab B (IL)64.48WAIT
221Christ Church Episcopal A (SC)64.28IS-190
222Baton Rouge Magnet A (LA)64.25IS-186
223Cistercian B (TX)64.24IS-188
224Waubonsie Valley A (IL)64.11IS-188
225John Cooper A (TX)64.02IS-186
226Roeper A (MI)63.95IS-190
227Poplar Bluff A (MO)63.93IS-188
228Bergen Tech-Teterboro A (NJ)63.78SSNCT-19
229South Burlington A (VT)63.78HFT
230Germantown Friends A (PA)63.68LOGIC
231Centennial D (MD)63.67IS-186
232East Chapel Hill B (NC)63.48IS-186
233Seoul Foreign A (SK)63.48IS-188
234Woodford County B (KY)63.39IS-188
235Greenhill B (TX)63.28IS-186
236Glasgow A (KY)63.27LOGIC
237BASIS Ahwatukee A (AZ)63.21SSNCT-19
238Coppell B (TX)63.00IS-188
239Hong Kong International A (HK)62.93IS-188
240Hamilton B (AZ)62.82HFT
241Plano West C (TX)62.80IS-188
242Northview A (GA)62.80WAIT
243Stanford Online B (CA)62.76LOGIC
244Galloway A (GA)62.71LOGIC
245Rio Americano A (CA)62.60IS-190
246Homewood-Flossmoor A (IL)62.52IS-188
247Glenbard North A (IL)62.46IS-188
248Gadsden City A (AL)62.46IS-190
249Darien B (CT)62.32IS-190
250Trinity A (NY)62.28SSNCT-19
251Hempfield A (PA)62.28Scottie
252Oxford A (PA)62.26Scottie
253Glenbrook South A (IL)62.16CALISTO
254Ransom Everglades A (FL)62.06IS-188
255Moravian Academy A (PA)61.99Scottie
256Chelsea A (MI)61.80HFT
257Spring Valley A (SC)61.78IS-190
258Middlesex County Academy A (NJ)61.77IS-190
259Madison Central A (MS)61.76IS-188
261Livonia Churchill A (MI)61.57HFT
262St. John’s B (TX)61.39IS-186
263Solon B (OH)61.34IS-188
264Evergreen Valley A (CA)61.24LOGIC
265Detroit Jesuit A (MI)61.21IS-190
266Thayer A (MO)61.12SSNCT-19
267Seven Lakes B (TX)61.00IS-186
268West Lauderdale A (MS)60.87IS-186
269Trinity A (KY)60.85Scottie
270Bishop Ludden A (NY)60.81IS-190
271Bellaire B (TX)60.79IS-188
272Manheim Township B (PA)60.74Scottie
273DeWitt A (MI)60.73IS-190
274LASA B (TX)60.70IS-192
275Carlinville A (IL)60.66Scottie
276Randolph A (AL)60.58IS-190
277Desert Vista A (AZ)60.56SSNCT-19
278Corona del Sol A (AZ)60.50IS-186
279Amador Valley A (CA)60.44IS-188
280Campbell County A (KY)60.21Scottie
281Troy A (NY)60.19IS-188
282Chamblee A (GA)60.13WAIT
283Parkway West A (MO)60.09Scottie
284Choate B (CT)60.08RAFT
285Delaware Valley A (PA)59.85WAIT
286Boyd County A (KY)59.85Scottie
287Campbell A (GA)59.84WAIT
288Fairport A (NY)59.75IS-190
289Rochester A (IL)59.64HFT
290St. Margaret’s Episcopal A (CA)59.55HFT
291Christ Episcopal A (LA)59.47IS-186
292McLean B (VA)59.44IS-188
293Plano East A (TX)59.42IS-188
294Bergen Academies A (NJ)59.26WAIT
295Paul Blazer A (KY)59.26LOGIC
296Davis B (CA)59.26IS-190
297Strake Jesuit F (TX)59.23IS-188
298Stuyvesant A (NY)59.16SSNCT-19
299New Trier A (IL)59.08IS-188
300Paris A (IL)58.96IS-188

One thought on “February 13, 2020 Rankings

  1. Strake has 4 teams in the top 300 lol. They also have an all freshman team at 297. (I know this because I’m on that team) I predict Strake A gets top 16 in nationals since they’re so highly ranked and haven’t even had their full team yet.


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