October 16, 2019 Rankings

We’re back and better than ever! These rankings are the first of the season, and so obviously we should caution that not every region may be equally represented. In fact, we specifically excluded two sets from these first sets of rankings, RAFT and SSNCT, as there was a very small sample size of teams that played them and who played other sets as well (in fact for RAFT that sample size was all of one team, who only played five matches of RAFT as a full team to boot). We expect that these small sample sizes will be dealt with by our next rankings.

Additionally, you may notice our power adjustments are a bit wonky and unfamiliar. To calculate adjusted powers per game in this new system, take the cube root of unadjusted powers per game, add the adjustment, and cube that sum to get the adjusted powers per game. We are also changing the weights of PPB and powers per game to reduce the disproportionate impact of powers. However, the meaning of the scores will not necessarily change. We have listed criteria of what a score of 100 means (24 ppb and 8 powers per game), and the new rankings will not change that. If this seems confusing, don’t worry, Groger Ranks member Steven Liu will explain the new adjustment system in an upcoming article (with graphs!). Finally, these rankings will not be weighted rankings as not enough teams have played more than one rankable tournament. We anticipate re-introducing weighted rankings by our next set of rankings.

Thanks as always to the following Patreon subscribers for making this possible:

Dawn Combs

Felix Wang

Fred Morlan

Goma Srinivasan

Kaili Fan

Sindhu Nair

Vikshar Athreya

Now that we’ve gotten all the formalities out of the way, here (finally) are your top 75 in the first rankings of the season!

1 Hunter A (NY) 116.63 EFT
2 Miami Valley A (OH) 111.41 Scottie
3 Millburn A (NJ) 109.60 EFT
4 Saratoga A (CA) 107.34 EFT
5 Mission San Jose A (CA) 107.26 Prison Bowl XII
6 Phillips Academy A (MA) 105.10 EFT
7 Stanford Online A (CA) 103.92 EFT
8 Richard Montgomery A (MD) 100.98 IS-186
9 Georgetown Day A (DC) 99.42 EFT
10 Beavercreek A (OH) 98.54 IS-186
11 Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech A (VA) 97.77 EFT
12 LASA A (TX) 97.35 IS-186
13 Strake Jesuit A (TX) 96.47 IS-186
14 High Tech A (NJ) 96.10 IS-186
15 St. Mark’s School of Texas A (TX) 95.27 IS-186
16 East Chapel Hill A (NC) 94.33 EFT
17 Lexington A (MA) 93.78 EFT
18 University of Toronto Schools A (ON) 92.92 EFT
19 Hunter B (NY) 92.79 IS-186
20 Detroit Catholic Central A (MI) 92.56 IS-186
21 Greenhill A (TX) 91.92 IS-186
22 Centennial A (MD) 91.52 IS-186
23 Mounds View A (MN) 91.19 EFT
24 Lambert A (GA) 89.94 IS-186
25 BASIS McLean A (VA) 89.86 IS-186
26 Santa Monica A (CA) 89.80 IS-186
27 Hinsdale Central A (IL) 88.86 Prison Bowl XII
28 Carnegie Vanguard A (TX) 88.05 IS-186
29 Manheim Township A (PA) 87.32 IS-186
30 Woodford County A (KY) 86.75 Scottie
31 Northmont A (OH) 86.29 Scottie
32 Russell A (KY) 86.14 Scottie
33 Solon A (OH) 85.13 IS-186
34 Cistercian A (TX) 84.30 IS-186
35 Arcadia A (CA) 83.49 IS-186
36 Henderson A (PA) 83.38 IS-186
37 Middlesboro A (KY) 83.01 Scottie
38 Ladue A (MO) 82.41 EFT
39 George Washington A (WV) 82.11 IS-186
40 Detroit Country Day A (MI) 81.75 Prison Bowl XII
41 Del Norte A (CA) 81.67 IS-186
42 High Tech B (NJ) 80.32 IS-186
43 Raffles A (SG) 80.16 IS-186
44 East Brunswick A (NJ) 79.59 IS-186
45 TAG Magnet A (TX) 79.32 IS-186
46 Richard Montgomery B (MD) 79.15 IS-186
47 Dunbar A (KY) 79.14 Scottie
48 North Gwinnett A (GA) 78.25 IS-186
49 James Clemens A (AL) 78.07 Scottie
50 Daviess County A (KY) 77.73 Scottie
51 Del Norte B (CA) 77.53 IS-186
52 Dorman A (SC) 77.38 Scottie
53 Westmount A (ON) 76.93 EFT
54 Penn Manor A (PA) 76.78 IS-186
55 Ridgewood A (NJ) 76.63 IS-186
56 Wilton A (CT) 76.61 IS-186
57 St. Anselm’s A (DC) 76.57 IS-186
58 Parish Episcopal A (TX) 76.48 IS-186
59 Bellaire A (TX) 75.52 IS-186
60 Livingston A (NJ) 75.45 IS-186
61 Merrol Hyde A (TN) 74.65 Scottie
62 Gwinnett Math and Science A (GA) 73.98 IS-186
63 Maggie Walker Governor’s School A (VA) 73.89 IS-186
64 East Brunswick B (NJ) 73.07 IS-186
65 Plano West B (TX) 72.20 IS-186
66 Kinkaid A (TX) 72.12 IS-186
67 South Forsyth A (GA) 71.85 IS-186
68 Allderdice A (PA) 71.48 IS-186
69 Plano West A (TX) 70.17 IS-186
70 Strake Jesuit B (TX) 69.83 IS-186
71 Cinco Ranch A (TX) 69.21 IS-186
72 Kellenberg A (NY) 69.19 IS-186
73 Hunter C (NY) 69.03 IS-186
74 Hwa Chong A (SG) 68.81 IS-186
75 Coppell A (TX) 68.63 IS-186

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