Final 2019 Pre-HSNCT Overall Rankings

As you may know, last week we released our “final” NAQT-only Rankings. However, we received requests to create a ranking similar to that, but only include teams attending HSNCT. So we have culled the list of teams in our data to create a new set of rankings which will only include teams that are attending HSNCT and only include their rankable performances on NAQT Sets. However, with the tournaments from last weekend and most importantly the different pool size in our Pre-HSNCT Rankings and Pre-Nationals NAQT Only Rankings, you may notice the adjustments and rankings differ slightly from our rankings from last week.

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Here are your top 150 for HSNCT Ranks!

1 Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech A (VA) 119.68
2 Beavercreek A (OH) 110.82
2 Adlai E. Stevenson A (IL) 110.77
4 Hunter A (NY) 109.91
5 Wayzata A (MN) 107.95
6 Richard Montgomery A (MD) 105.73
7 Ladue A (MO) 105.31
8 Miami Valley A (OH) 105.26
9 James E. Taylor A (TX) 105.11
10 Montgomery Blair A (MD) 104.71
11 Ithaca A (NY) 103.74
12 Strake Jesuit A (TX) 101.50
13 High Tech A (NJ) 101.48
14 Lexington A (MA) 101.15
15 University Lab A (IL) 101.07
16 LASA A (TX) 100.18
17 Rockford Auburn A (IL) 97.71
18 Troy A (NY) 97.32
19 Wilmington Charter A (DE) 95.44
20 St. John’s A (TX) 95.34
21 Mission San Jose A (CA) 94.37
22 Vestavia Hills A (AL) 94.31
23 Northview A (GA) 94.18
23 Lambert A (GA) 94.18
25 IMSA A (IL) 93.36
26 Detroit Catholic Central A (MI) 93.23
27 Millburn A (NJ) 92.77
28 Georgetown Day A (DC) 92.75
29 Montgomery Blair B (MD) 92.73
30 Solon A (OH) 91.53
31 Parish Episcopal A (TX) 91.39
32 Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech B (VA) 91.10
33 Early College at Guilford A (NC) 90.17
34 Arcadia A (CA) 90.11
35 Ed W. Clark A (NV) 89.07
36 Carnegie Vanguard A (TX) 88.41
37 Allderdice A (PA) 87.26
38 Henderson County A (KY) 87.12
39 Chattahoochee B (GA) 86.26
40 Canyon Crest A (CA) 85.46
41 Dorman A (SC) 85.10
42 Bellarmine College Prep A (CA) 84.76
43 Plano West A (TX) 84.63
44 Great Neck South A (NY) 84.58
45 Westview A (CA) 84.28
46 Barrington A (IL) 84.22
47 George Washington A (WV) 83.64
48 Midtown Classical A (FL) 83.60
49 Saratoga A (CA) 83.25
50 Leland A (CA) 83.17
51 Wayzata B (MN) 83.06
52 McLean A (VA) 82.67
53 Phillips Academy A (MA) 82.63
54 William Fremd A (IL) 82.26
55 BASIS McLean A (VA) 82.18
56 Belmont A (MA) 81.95
57 Lusher A (LA) 81.91
58 Altamont A (AL) 81.37
59 Strake Jesuit B (TX) 80.88
60 St. Joseph A (IN) 80.82
61 Mounds View A (MN) 80.60
62 Livingston A (NJ) 80.53
63 Boston Latin A (MA) 80.47
64 Cistercian A (TX) 80.23
65 Centennial A (MD) 79.02
66 Harker A (CA) 79.01
67 High Tech B (NJ) 78.27
68 Boardman A (OH) 78.12
69 Barrington A (RI) 77.94
70 Greenhill A (TX) 77.89
70 Cave Spring A (VA) 77.82
72 Aurora A (OH) 77.42
73 Eden Prairie A (MN) 77.01
74 Glasgow A (KY) 77.00
75 Hempfield A (PA) 76.86
76 St. Joseph Central A (MO) 76.49
77 Richard Montgomery B (MD) 76.46
78 Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech C (VA) 76.41
79 St. Louis Park A (MN) 75.00
80 Middlesboro A (KY) 74.98
81 Henderson A (PA) 74.73
82 Davis A (CA) 74.59
83 Island Trees A (NY) 73.94
84 Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech D (VA) 73.82
85 Manheim Township A (PA) 73.75
85 C. E. Byrd A (LA) 73.72
87 St. Thomas A (TX) 73.69
88 Homestead A (CA) 73.41
89 Dunbar B (KY) 73.40
90 Stanton College Prep A (FL) 73.33
91 Raleigh Charter A (NC) 72.86
92 Acton-Boxborough A (MA) 72.64
93 Norfolk Academic Guild A (VA) 72.62
94 Westview B (CA) 72.36
95 Hamilton A (AZ) 72.14
95 Ronald Reagan A (TX) 72.13
97 Stanford Online B (CA) 72.02
98 Kellenberg A (NY) 71.59
99 Lexington B (MA) 71.54
100 Hoover A (AL) 71.48
101 Santa Monica A (CA) 71.38
102 Northmont A (OH) 71.22
103 Great Valley A (PA) 71.07
104 Darien A (CT) 71.00
105 Johns Creek A (GA) 70.44
106 Hinsdale Central A (IL) 70.35
107 Hallsville A (MO) 70.35
108 East Brunswick A (NJ) 70.34
109 Monta Vista A (CA) 70.22
110 Merrol Hyde A (TN) 69.73
111 Friends Select A (PA) 69.59
112 Wayzata C (MN) 69.56
113 James W. Robinson A (VA) 69.52
114 Walnut Hills A (OH) 69.37
115 Archbishop Mitty A (CA) 68.86
116 State College A (PA) 68.73
117 State College B (PA) 68.49
118 Adlai E. Stevenson B (IL) 68.36
119 Galloway A (GA) 68.17
120 Shaker Heights A (OH) 68.05
121 Trinity A (PA) 67.93
122 East Chapel Hill A (NC) 67.76
123 Macomb A (IL) 67.75
124 Oak Ridge A (TN) 67.56
125 Penn Manor A (PA) 67.41
126 Del Norte A (CA) 66.93
127 Spring Valley A (SC) 66.88
128 Allderdice B (PA) 66.65
129 Haynes Academy A (LA) 66.49
130 Canyon Crest B (CA) 66.48
131 Evanston A (IL) 66.23
132 LASA B (TX) 66.22
133 Springfield A (IL) 65.97
134 Troy A (MI) 65.67
135 Nease A (FL) 65.61
136 Brandeis A (TX) 65.44
137 Copley A (OH) 64.94
138 Caddo Magnet A (LA) 64.92
139 Hamilton B (AZ) 64.89
140 Jones College Prep A (IL) 64.75
141 Paideia A (GA) 64.57
142 Centennial B (MD) 64.50
143 Cistercian B (TX) 64.50
144 Detroit Country Day A (MI) 64.40
145 Detroit Catholic Central B (MI) 63.47
146 Itawamba Agricultural A (MS) 63.30
147 Okemos A (MI) 63.27
148 Lincoln A (FL) 62.89
149 Winston Churchill A (MD) 62.70
150 Hunter B (NY) 62.30



Here are your HSNCT Ranks-only adjustments:

Set P/G Adj PPB Adj Total Adj
IS 177 0 0 0.000000
IS 179 0.395451 -0.206779 2.040780
IS 181 0.7086296041 -0.5802195503 3.220144
IS 183 -0.05552395735 -0.6227178539 -1.644354
SSNCT 2018 -0.1375791257 -1.367475503 -3.708777
SCT DII 2019 3.614940368 1.736958888 26.212042
SSNCT 2019 1.257353025 -0.2777430816 7.279825


Here are the teams who are attending HSNCT, as they are listed on the website, who did not have any usable NAQT stats:

Ames (Ames, IA; Morning Session)
Arcadia B (Arcadia, CA; Morning Session)
Arlington (Arlington, TN; Morning Session)
Armstrong (Kittanning, PA; Morning Session)
Belvidere (Belvidere, IL; Morning Session)
Blacksburg (Blacksburg, VA; Afternoon Session)
Boulder (Boulder, CO; Afternoon Session)
Brophy College Prep (Phoenix, AZ; Morning Session)
Brunswick County Early College (Supply, NC; Morning Session)
Buckhorn (New Market, AL; Morning Session)
Burlington (Burlington, VT; Morning Session)
Burnsville B (Burnsville, MN; Afternoon Session)
Campbell County (Alexandria, KY; Afternoon Session)
Carbondale (Carbondale, IL; Morning Session)
Carrboro (Carrboro, NC; Morning Session)
Catholic (Baton Rouge, LA; Afternoon Session)
Chamblee Charter (Chamblee, GA; Morning Session)
Chanhassen B (Chanhassen, MN; Morning Session)
Chanhassen C (Chanhassen, MN; Morning Session)
Chase (Forest City, NC; Afternoon Session)
Chaska (Chaska, MN; Afternoon Session)
Chattahoochee A (Johns Creek, GA; Afternoon Session)
Chattahoochee C (Johns Creek, GA; Afternoon Session)
Cinco Ranch (Katy, TX; Afternoon Session)
Clark (San Antonio, TX; Afternoon Session)
Clarke (Westbury, NY; Morning Session)
Cookeville (Cookeville, TN; Morning Session)
Coppell (Coppell, TX; Afternoon Session)
Coronado A (El Paso, TX; Morning Session)
Coronado B (El Paso, TX; Morning Session)
Dallas (Dallas, PA; Afternoon Session)
Darien B (Darien, CT; Morning Session)
Davis B (Davis, CA; Afternoon Session)
Decatur (Decatur, GA; Morning Session)
Delaware Valley (Milford, PA; Morning Session)
Detroit Country Day B (Beverly Hills, MI; Afternoon Session)
Dunbar A (Lexington, KY; Morning Session)
Dunwoody (Dunwoody, GA; Morning Session)
Dutch Fork A (Irmo, SC; Morning Session)
Dutch Fork B (Irmo, SC; Morning Session)
Eastlake (El Paso, TX; Morning Session)
Eastside A (Covington, GA; Morning Session)
Eastside B (Covington, GA; Afternoon Session)
Eden Prairie D (Eden Prairie, MN; Morning Session)
Emmaus (Emmaus, PA; Morning Session)
Eureka (Eureka, MO; Morning Session)
Fletcher (Neptune Beach, FL; Afternoon Session)
Friends Select B (Philadelphia, PA; Morning Session)
Fulton (Middleton, MI; Morning Session)
Gate City (Gate City, VA; Morning Session)
Grady (Atlanta, GA; Morning Session)
Granby (Norfolk, VA; Afternoon Session)
Grand Junction (Grand Junction, CO; Afternoon Session)
Great Valley C (Malvern, PA; Morning Session)
Greenhill B (Addison, TX; Morning Session)
Grosse Pointe North (Grosse Pointe Woods, MI; Afternoon Session)
Gwinnett Math and Science (Lawrenceville, GA; Morning Session)
Hannibal (Hannibal, MO; Afternoon Session)
Helias (Jefferson City, MO; Morning Session)
Hidden Valley (Roanoke, VA; Afternoon Session)
Holt (Holt, MI; Afternoon Session)
Hononegah (Rockton, IL; Morning Session)
Indian Springs (Indian Springs, AL; Afternoon Session)
Irondale (New Brighton, MN; Afternoon Session)
J. M. Tate A (Cantonment, FL; Morning Session)
J. M. Tate B (Cantonment, FL; Afternoon Session)
Jasper (Plano, TX; Morning Session)
Jefferson City (Jefferson City, MO; Morning Session)
Kellenberg B (Uniondale, NY; Afternoon Session)
Kickapoo A (Springfield, MO; Morning Session)
Kickapoo B (Springfield, MO; Morning Session)
Lafayette (Williamsburg, VA; Afternoon Session)
Lancaster Mennonite (Lancaster, PA; Morning Session)
Landmark Christian (Fairburn, GA; Afternoon Session)
Langley (McLean, VA; Morning Session)
Liberty (Henderson, NV; Afternoon Session)
Liberty North (Liberty, MO; Afternoon Session)
Livingston (Livingston, NJ; Morning Session)
Long Beach (Long Beach, MS; Afternoon Session)
Mandarin (Jacksonville, FL; Morning Session)
Merrol Hyde B (Hendersonville, TN; Morning Session)
Millennium (Goodyear, AZ; Morning Session)
Mira Loma (Sacramento, CA; Morning Session)
Moravian Academy (Bethlehem, PA; Afternoon Session)
Mounds View B (Arden Hills, MN; Afternoon Session)
Myers Park (Charlotte, NC; Morning Session)
Newport (Bellevue, WA; Afternoon Session)
Norman (Norman, OK; Afternoon Session)
Norman North A (Norman, OK; Afternoon Session)
Norman North B (Norman, OK; Morning Session)
Norman North C (Norman, OK; Morning Session)
North Atlanta (Atlanta, GA; Afternoon Session)
North Caddo (Vivian, LA; Morning Session)
North Gwinnett (Suwanee, GA; Morning Session)
North Kansas City (North Kansas City, MO; Morning Session)
Novi (Novi, MI; Morning Session)
Oak Mountain (Carrollton, GA; Afternoon Session)
Olmsted Falls (Olmsted Falls, OH; Morning Session)
Parkview (Springfield, MO; Afternoon Session)
Peachtree Ridge (Suwanee, GA; Morning Session)
Piedmont Classical (Browns Summit, NC; Afternoon Session)
Pittsburgh Central Catholic (Pittsburgh, PA; Morning Session)
Polo (Polo, MO; Morning Session)
Providence A (Charlotte, NC; Morning Session)
Providence B (Charlotte, NC; Morning Session)
Providence (Plymouth, MN; Afternoon Session)
Ransom Everglades (Coconut Grove, FL; Afternoon Session)
Rootstown (Rootstown, OH; Morning Session)
Saratoga B (Saratoga, CA; Morning Session)
Saratoga Springs (Saratoga Springs, NY; Afternoon Session)
Savannah (Savannah, MO; Afternoon Session)
Seoul International (Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea; Afternoon Session)
Soddy Daisy (Soddy Daisy, TN; Afternoon Session)
Southside (Southside, AL; Afternoon Session)
St. Joseph Central B (St. Joseph, MO; Morning Session)
St. Louis Park B (St. Louis Park, MN; Morning Session)
St. Louis Park C (St. Louis Park, MN; Morning Session)
St. Paul Academy (St. Paul, MN; Morning Session)
St. Paul’s (Covington, LA; Afternoon Session)
St. Pius X (Kansas City, MO; Morning Session)
St. Thomas Academy (Mendota Heights, MN; Morning Session)
Stanford Online A (Stanford, CA; Afternoon Session)
Stillwater (Stillwater, OK; Afternoon Session)
Stoughton (Stoughton, WI; Morning Session)
Stratford Academy (Macon, GA; Afternoon Session)
Taylor Road Middle (Johns Creek, GA; Afternoon Session)
Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech E (Alexandria, VA; Afternoon Session)
Tinley Park (Tinley Park, IL; Morning Session)
Tolleson Union (Tolleson, AZ; Morning Session)
Troy (Fullerton, CA; Morning Session)
University School (Hunting Valley, OH; Afternoon Session)
Verrado (Buckeye, AZ; Morning Session)
Wallenpaupack (Hawley, PA; Morning Session)
Walton (Marietta, GA; Morning Session)
Wayzata D (Plymouth, MN; Morning Session)
Wayzata E (Plymouth, MN; Morning Session)
West Monroe (West Monroe, LA; Afternoon Session)
Westminster A (Atlanta, GA; Morning Session)
Westminster B (Atlanta, GA; Morning Session)
Westview A (Portland, OR; Afternoon Session)
Westview B (Portland, OR; Morning Session)
Wheeler (Marietta, GA; Afternoon Session)
White Station (Memphis, TN; Afternoon Session)
Wichita Scholars (Afternoon Session)
Winnebago (Winnebago, IL; Morning Session)
Wissahickon (Ambler, PA; Afternoon Session)

4 thoughts on “Final 2019 Pre-HSNCT Overall Rankings

    1. Yeah, we were confused when you weren’t on the field but someone informed us that you were going to be on the waitlist so we erred on the side of caution and included you. That information is apparently incorrect based on your comment, but on the bright side TC Williams is the only team not in the HSNCT field that we still included. We will remove them now.


    2. Mark, we’ll miss seeing TCW at HSNCT! You deserve to be there. 😕
      Best wishes from your friends at Robinson!


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