Houston Holiday Hoedown XI Writeup

The following article was a guest contribution by Robert Condron. On December 14, eighteen teams competed on IS-188 in Division I of Houston Holiday Hoedown XI at Strake Jesuit in Houston. In this write-up, I will be discussing the performances of the top teams at this tournament and share some insights into Southern Texas quiz … Continue reading Houston Holiday Hoedown XI Writeup

Interview Thursdays Ep. 4 – GDS A

In this episode of Interview Thursdays, Shawn from Groger Ranks interviews Matthew Siff, Nathaniel Rosenberg, Arthur Delot-Vilain, and Alex Moon from Georgetown Day School in Washington DC. We discuss their aggressive buzzing strategy, the status of the very competitive DC circuit, their tournament plans, and more. https://soundcloud.com/groger-ranks/interview-thursdays-episode-4-gds

Interview Thursdays Ep. 2 – Phillips Academy A

In this episode of Interview Thursdays, Dylan and Katherine from Groger Ranks talk to Karsten Rynearson, Vincent Fan, and Irura Nyiha of Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. Find out about how an already strong program has been performing with the transfer of top-tier generalist Karsten as well as their high aspirations for nationals. https://soundcloud.com/groger-ranks/interview-with-phillips-a

Interview Thursdays Ep. 1 – Westview A

Groger Ranks is pleased to launch our latest project. As a complement to our normal rankings and the analysis articles we collect from members of the high school quizbowl community, we are launching Interview Thursdays! On Thursdays, we will publish short interviews with high school teams about their teams, circuits, studying tips, and more! Quizbowl … Continue reading Interview Thursdays Ep. 1 – Westview A

The Methodology of Calculating Groger Ranks

The following article was a contribution of Groger Ranks member Steven Liu. Groger Ranks has been around for a little over a year now, and we've made a lot of big strides since we started. This year, I'm hoping to provide better, clearer documentation of our ranking methodology. In addition, we're making our major changes … Continue reading The Methodology of Calculating Groger Ranks