2022 Pre-SSNCT Ranking

We are pleased to bring back our pre-nationals rankings for this weekend’s Small School National Championship Tournament! Like our last iteration in 2019, we are including only the teams currently registered for the tournament as well as those on the waitlist. This time, we have chosen not to include A-sets or other novice sets, primarily because most of these teams have usable stats on regular-difficulty sets. We are, however, including mACF sets to enhance the sample size. As always, we would like to thank our Patreon supporters, namely:

Goma Srinivasan
Fred Morlan
Sindhu Nair
International Academic Competitions

Enjoy your rankings, and good luck at SSNCT!

1Glasgow A (KY; Public)90.55IS-210
2St. Mark’s School of Texas A (TX; Open)82.59IS-210
3BASIS McLean A (VA; Open)79.96IS-206
4Fair Grove A (MO; Public)79.52Scottie
5Southwestern A (IL; Public)78.63NEWT
6Paideia A (GA; Open)76.87CALISTO
7Moravian Academy A (PA; Open)76.44IS-208
8Toledo Arts A (OH; Open)76.27IS-204
9St. Margaret’s Episcopal A (CA; Open)71.52IS-206
10Tower Hill A (DE; Open)69.68IS-206
11University School of Nashville A (TN; Open)68.50IS-210
12Garfield A (OH; Public)67.35IS-210
13Early College at Guilford A (NC; Open)67.08NEWT
14Alabama Cyber Tech A (AL; Open)66.50IS-206
15Miami Valley A (OH; Open)65.67IS-210
16Elgin Academy A (IL; Open)65.61CALISTO
17Francis Parker A (IL; Open)65.28IS-210
18Merrol Hyde A (TN; Open)64.04NEWT
19Meadows A (NV; Open)63.55IS-208
20St. Mark’s School of Texas B (TX; Open)62.85DART
21Keith Country Day A (IL; Open)62.01CALISTO
22Westmont A (IL; Public)61.69IS-208
23Eldon A (MO; Public)59.85IS-208
24West Point A (AL; Public)59.05IS-206
25Maumee Valley A (OH; Open)58.24IS-204
26Mounds Park A (MN; Open)58.21IS-204
27Illinois Valley Central A (IL; Public)57.74IS-206
28Paideia B (GA; Open)57.67CALISTO
29Salem A (OH; Public)57.35IS-210
30Greens Farms A (CT; Open)57.07CALISTO
31Columbia Independent A (MO; Open)57.04IS-204
32Academy of Science and Tech A (TX; Open)56.58IS-206
33TAG Magnet A (TX; Open)56.32IS-210
34Middlesex County Academy A (NJ; Open)55.62IS-208
35Danville A (KY; Public)55.59IS-204
36Macomb A (IL; Public)54.69DART
37LAMP A (AL; Open)54.16IS-206
38Oklahoma School of Science & Math A (OK; Open)53.92IS-208
39Indian Lake A (OH; Public)53.88IS-210
40Canterbury School A (IN; Open)53.25IS-206
41South Side A (PA; Public)53.05IS-204
42Cooperstown A (NY; Public)52.64IS-206
43Orchard Farm A (MO; Public)52.36IS-204
44Upper Sandusky A (OH; Public)52.14IS-210
45Roscommon A (MI; Public)51.98IS-210
46Sacramento Country Day A (CA; Open)51.43IS-208
47St. Paul Academy A (MN; Open)51.03IS-206
48Francis Parker B (IL; Open)51.00IS-210
49Batavia A (OH; Public)50.69IS-210
50Winchester Thurston A (PA; Open)50.08IS-204
51Indiana Academy A (IN; Open)48.09IS-210
52Holy Spirit A (AL; Open)47.95IS-204
53Early College at Guilford B (NC; Open)46.60NEWT
54Evansville B (WI; Public)46.37IS-208
55Martin County A (KY; Public)46.37Scottie
56King School Stamford A (CT; Open)46.32CALISTO
57Newman Catholic A (IA; Open)46.13CALISTO
58Eugene A (MO; Public)46.03IS-206
59Evergreen A (OH; Public)45.08IS-206
60Westwood School A (TX; Open)44.80IS-208
61Ottawa Hills A (OH; Public)43.75IS-208
62Sergeant Bluff-Luton A (IA; Public)43.18IS-210
63Middlesex County Academy B (NJ; Open)42.52DART
64Southwestern B (IL)42.45Scottie
65BASIS McLean B (VA; Open)42.07IS-204
66Clever A (MO; Public)42.07IS-208
67New Berlin A (IL; Public)42.03IS-206
68Plymouth A (NH; Public)41.94IS-210
69Charlevoix A (MI; Public)41.22IS-210
70Cloverleaf A (OH; Public)40.47IS-210
71Lawton-Bronson A (IA; Public)40.24IS-208
72Edgerton A (OH; Public)40.12IS-206
73Overlake A (WA; Open)40.02IS-204
74Bishop Canevin A (PA; Open)40.00IS-206
75Bishop Ludden A (NY; Open)38.96DART
76Evansville A (WI; Public)38.96IS-208
77Sullivan A (IN; Public)38.48IS-210
78Indian Hill A (OH; Public)38.17IS-206
79Coalgate A (OK; Public)37.94IS-210
80Itawamba Agricultural A (MS; Public)37.70IS-208
81Riverdale A (OH; Public)37.58IS-206
82Fisher Catholic A (OH; Open)37.51IS-206
83Pilot Grove A (MO; Public)37.01CALISTO
84Huntingdon A (PA; Public)36.06IS-206
85Gould Academy A (ME; Open)35.68IS-206
86Dexter Southfield A (MA; Open)34.97IS-208
87Gunston A (MD; Open)31.98IS-204
88Sharpsville A (PA; Public)31.98IS-210
89Morris A (OK; Public)31.67IS-210
90Dickson A (OK; Public)30.84IS-208
91Zane Trace A (OH; Public)28.52IS-210

Some teams had no usable stats on the NAQT page, as their tournaments were missing key statistics like powers or PPB. Because we adjust every set separately, we were also unable to include teams whose only stats are from tournaments that used combinations of multiple sets. As such, they may be underranked. Here are the teams we could not consider in our rankings:

Clarion A (PA; Public)
Crocker A (MO; Public)
Friends Select A (PA; Open)
Geneva A (NY; Public)
George Wythe A (VA; Public)
Germantown Friends A (PA; Public)
Herscher A (IL; Public)
Homer-Center A (PA; Public)
Moravian Academy B (PA; Open)
New Orleans Sacred Heart A (LA; Open)
Oklahoma Christian Academy A (OK; Open)
Parnassus Prep A (MN; Open)
Parnassus Prep B (MN; Open)
Providence A (MN; Open)
Providence B (MN; Open)
Radford High A (VA; Public)
St. Thomas’ Episcopal A (TX; Open)
Treasure Valley A (ID; Open)
Weld Central A (CO; Public)
Weld Central B (CO; Public)
West Shamokin A (PA; Public)
Westbrook Christian A (AL; Open)
White Pigeon A (MI; Public)
Young Women’s Leadership A (TX; Open)
Young Women’s Leadership B (TX; Open)

Here are the new adjustments we used in our rankings:

SetP/G Adj.Rescaled P/GPPB Adj.TeamsP/G LinksPPB Links

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