2021 NAQT-Only Midseason Rankings

Happy holidays everyone! We are pleased to present our annual midseason rankings, consisting of the top 250 teams overall, the top 100 teams on mACF sets, and the top 100 teams on NAQT sets. Before we release the rankings we would like to, as always, thank our Patreon subscribers, namely:

Todd Garrison
Goma Srinivasan
Fred Morlan
Sindhu Nair

Enjoy your NAQT-only midseason rankings! We hope to see you in the new year.

1Arcadia A (CA)103.78IS-206
2Detroit Catholic Central A (MI)100.06IS-206
3Strake Jesuit A (TX)99.32IS-206
4Barrington A (IL)98.66IS-206
5Greenhill A (TX)96.97IS-204
6Cinco Ranch A (TX)94.42IS-204
7Mira Loma A (CA)93.89IS-204
8Hoover A (AL)93.72IS-204
9Solon A (OH)93.46IS-204
10Singapore American A (SG)93.03IS-204
11Wayzata A (MN)92.94IS-204
12Beavercreek A (OH)92.60IS-206
13Hunter A (NY)92.50IS-206
14Adlai E. Stevenson A (IL)91.24IS-206
15Rockford Auburn A (IL)89.14IS-206
16Freeman A (VA)88.70IS-206
17IMSA A (IL)88.39IS-206
18Raffles A (SG)88.20IS-204
19Saratoga A (CA)88.19IS-206
20Homestead A (CA)88.13IS-206
21Detroit Country Day A (MI)88.09IS-204
22Glasgow A (KY)87.86IS-204
23Santa Monica A (CA)87.32IS-206
24High Tech A (NJ)86.82IS-204
25University Lab A (IL)86.81IS-206
26Ridgewood A (NJ)86.56IS-204
27Archbishop Mitty A (CA)86.27IS-204
28Richard Montgomery A (MD)86.11IS-204
29East Brunswick A (NJ)84.73IS-204
30Manheim Township A (PA)83.62IS-204
31Wayzata B (MN)83.34IS-204
32John P. Stevens A (NJ)82.81IS-204
33Seven Lakes A (TX)82.81IS-206
34Henderson County A (KY)82.33IS-204
35McLean A (VA)82.01IS-204
36Stanford Online A (CA)81.76IS-206
37Winston Churchill A (MD)81.76IS-204
38Irvington A (CA)81.53IS-206
39Ladue A (MO)81.42IS-208
40Springfield A (IL)78.94IS-206
41St. Mark’s School of Texas A (TX)78.92IS-204
42Caddo Magnet A (LA)78.41IS-206
43Montgomery Blair A (MD)78.33IS-204
44Troy A (MI)78.31IS-206
45Bellarmine College Prep A (CA)77.85IS-206
46Georgetown Day A (DC)77.74IS-204
47Ithaca A (NY)77.48IS-204
48Herberger A (AZ)77.41IS-206
49Harker A (CA)77.36IS-206
50Thomas Jefferson Classical A (NC)77.00IS-208
51Carmel C (IN)76.93IS-206
52Wilton A (CT)76.93IS-206
53Darien A (CT)76.73IS-206
54BASIS McLean A (VA)76.62IS-206
55Norfolk Academic Guild A (VA)76.18IS-204
56Mission San Jose A (CA)76.02IS-206
57Bloomington A (IL)75.79IS-206
58Choate A (CT)75.15IS-206
59Adlai E. Stevenson B (IL)74.87IS-206
60Barrington B (IL)74.34IS-206
61Solon B (OH)73.90IS-206
62BASIS Silicon Valley A (CA)73.76IS-206
63College Heights Christian A (MO)73.56IS-206
64St. John’s A (TX)73.28IS-204
65Richard Montgomery B (MD)72.56IS-204
66Wilmington Charter A (DE)72.42IS-204
67Parkway West A (MO)72.41IS-208
68Langley A (VA)72.26IS-206
69Del Norte A (CA)72.19IS-206
70Toledo Arts A (OH)71.83IS-206
71Centennial A (IL)71.32IS-206
72Clark A (NV)71.19IS-204
73Francis Parker A (CA)70.87IS-206
74James E. Taylor A (TX)70.72IS-204
75Jesuit A (LA)70.58IS-206
76Challenger-Strawberry Park A (CA)70.24IS-206
77Lowell A (CA)70.16IS-206
78Morgantown A (WV)69.82IS-206
79Gunn A (CA)69.79IS-206
80Latin School A (IL)69.61IS-206
81Amador Valley A (CA)69.60IS-206
82Korea International A (KR)69.54IS-206
83St. Margaret’s Episcopal A (CA)69.53IS-206
84Irondale A (MN)69.24IS-204
85Archbishop Mitty B (CA)69.17IS-206
86Staples A (CT)69.08IS-206
87Fair Grove A (MO)68.48IS-206
88Strake Jesuit B (TX)68.39IS-204
89Greenhill B (TX)68.24IS-206
90Copley A (OH)67.81IS-206
91Harrow Hong Kong A (HK)67.77IS-204
92Kickapoo A (MO)67.44IS-206
93Bishop’s School A (CA)67.25IS-206
94St. Joseph A (IN)67.21IS-208
95Southwestern A (IL)66.99IS-206
96Longfellow Middle A (VA)66.80IS-204
97St. Francis A (CA)66.73IS-204
98Maggie Walker Governor’s School A (VA)66.53IS-206
99Central Hardin A (KY)65.86IS-204
100Washington A (MO)65.45IS-204

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