2020 mACF-Only Midseason Rankings

Usually the filler words before the rankings are just that. Filler. Today, however, we want to update you about two big events that have rocked the high school quizbowl community before we proceed with our normal rankings. Please read all of this.

Over the past week, a player from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology was finally called out for his history of racist, sexist, and transphobic conduct. He has since rightly been removed from the team, by our understanding, but this move came far too late as many others, both within his team and from other teams across the nation, knew of his conduct but never called him out on it or took any disciplinary actions until now.

Additionally, a player from Mission San Jose High School has been removed from the community for sexual harassment he had inflicted on a player from another school two years ago and for his repeated gaslighting and denial to protect himself from consequences. Once again, there were people aware of the nature of his conduct who chose not to report him or confront him—people who could have stepped in, but did not.

The quizbowl community is what we make of it. For us at Groger Ranks, the community has provided us great friendships and a way to reward our love of learning. However, there is a darker side to this community created by a toxic culture that perpetuates misogyny and other destructive attitudes that make this community a far less welcoming place. If we want to save this community, we must take it upon ourselves to not only not be the people perpetrating misconduct, but to commit ourselves to calling out actions in the moment and reporting them as soon as we become aware, all along striving to foster a more welcoming community for everyone. To stand by the sidelines is to remain culpable. A misconduct reporting form run by members of the main quizbowl organizations such as PACE and ACF can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/qbmisconduct

If you have concerns about inappropriate behavior from a player, a coach, a parent, or a member of the tournament staff, we would like to know about them. This form can be used by anyone, whether a member of the quizbowl community or not, to report an incident of misconduct.

from the Misconduct Reporting Form, more information at https://hsquizbowl.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=297&t=24183

In these rankings you will notice that Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech A and Mission San Jose A are no longer present. When the teams play future tournaments without the aforementioned players, their new results will be counted. Any tournaments with those players, however, will continue to be ignored by our rankings. We recognize the unfortunate power that rankings can have in creating cult-like worship of top teams and players, causing some to further ignore their inappropriate behavior—we cannot legitimize these players anymore.

Now that we have given you this important message, we can in good conscience present our rankings. As usual, our mACF-Only rankings below are accompanied by companion NAQT-Only and overall rankings. We appreciate your continued support of Groger Ranks during this difficult season and sincerely hope that each and every one of you will do your part to make the quizbowl community a better place. Happy holidays, and enjoy your midseason rankings.

1Arcadia A (CA)130.54LIT
2Solon A (OH)128.97MCMT
3Montgomery Blair A (MD)128.51STASH
4Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech B (VA)127.94LIT
5Richard Montgomery A (MD)124.74STASH
6Hunter A (NY)124.60LONE STAR
7Georgetown Day A (DC)124.27LIT
8Beavercreek A (OH)124.23LONE STAR
9St. Mark’s School of Texas A (TX)122.33STASH
10University Lab A (IL)120.54LIT
11Wayzata A (MN)120.47LIT
12Westview A (CA)119.82IKEA
13Detroit Country Day A (MI)119.81MCMT
14Chattahoochee A (GA)118.77LONE STAR
15Greenhill A (TX)118.16STASH
16Stanton College Prep B (FL)118.13MCMT
17Adlai E. Stevenson A (IL)114.15RAFT
18East Chapel Hill A (NC)113.68LIT
19Kinkaid A (TX)113.64LONE STAR
20Mira Loma A (CA)113.48LONE STAR
21Stanford Online A (CA)113.44LONE STAR
22Phillips Academy A (MA)112.17MCMT
23Lambert A (GA)112.15MCMT
24Barrington A (IL)111.74LIT
25High Tech A (NJ)110.66LONE STAR
26Belmont A (MA)110.20LONE STAR
27TAG Magnet A (TX)109.89RAFT
28Saratoga A (CA)109.59LONE STAR
29Phillips Exeter A (NH)108.73LONE STAR
30Russell A (KY)108.59Scottie
31Woodford County A (KY)108.32Scottie
32Ladue A (MO)107.09MCMT
33Buffalo Grove A (IL)106.87RAFT
34Detroit Country Day B (MI)106.75CATT
35Cinco Ranch A (TX)106.61STASH
36Hunter B (NY)106.41LONE STAR
37Del Norte A (CA)106.01RAFT
38Santa Monica A (CA)105.47RAFT
39Chattahoochee B (GA)104.94LONE STAR
40Great Valley A (PA)104.50Prison Bowl
41Miami Valley A (OH)104.43Scottie
42Hotchkiss A (CT)103.54Prison Bowl
43Strake Jesuit A (TX)103.18LIT
44Mounds View A (MN)102.29LIT
45Carmel A (IN)102.08MCMT
46Ridgewood A (NJ)101.40LONE STAR
47duPont Manual A (KY)100.91Scottie
48Homestead A (CA)100.31LONE STAR
49BASIS Silicon Valley A (CA)99.52LONE STAR
50Detroit Catholic Central A (MI)99.47MCMT
51William Fremd A (IL)99.17RAFT
52Choate Rosemary Hall A (CT)98.97LONE STAR
53IMSA A (IL)98.32IKEA
54Dunbar A (KY)97.44MCMT
55Archbishop Mitty B (CA)97.37LONE STAR
56East Brunswick B (NJ)97.19Prison Bowl
57Centennial A (MD)96.91MCMT
58Livingston A (NJ)96.77Prison Bowl
59Lowell A (CA)96.57IKEA
60Mission San Jose B (CA)96.33LONE STAR
61Carl Sandburg A (IL)96.03LIT
62Irvington A (CA)94.46LONE STAR
63Baker A (AL)93.97CATT
64Hoover A (AL)93.74CATT
65Boulder A (CO)93.22LONE STAR
66Manheim Township A (PA)92.99LONE STAR
67Troy A (MI)92.18MCMT
68Grady A (GA)91.62CATT
69Caddo Magnet A (LA)91.44RAFT
70Adlai E. Stevenson B (IL)91.39RAFT
71North Carolina Science and Math A (NC)91.02MCMT
72Rockford Auburn A (IL)90.98RAFT
73Washington A (CA)89.72LONE STAR
74East Brunswick A (NJ)89.53Prison Bowl
75Northmont A (OH)89.42LONE STAR
76Harker A (CA)89.38LONE STAR
77Solon B (OH)89.34MCMT
79Winston Churchill A (MD)89.02STASH
80Raymore-Peculiar A (MO)88.96RAFT
81Merrol Hyde A (TN)88.54Scottie
82Ithaca A (NY)87.94LONE STAR
83Bellarmine A (CA)87.65LONE STAR
84Barrington B (IL)87.50RAFT
85Archbishop Mitty A (CA)87.27LIT
86Millburn A (NJ)86.64Prison Bowl
87Chattahoochee C (GA)86.40RAFT
88Lexington A (MA)86.36LONE STAR
89Stanton College Prep A (FL)86.24RAFT
90Stanton College Prep C (FL)86.01RAFT
91St. Margaret’s Episcopal A (CA)85.66RAFT
92Beavercreek B (OH)85.44LONE STAR
93Darien A (CT)85.28LONE STAR
94Santa Monica B (CA)84.95RAFT
95Norfolk Academic Guild A (VA)84.39RAFT
96Plano West A (TX)84.16RAFT
97John P. Stevens A (NJ)84.05Prison Bowl
98Freeman A (VA)83.83RAFT
99Westview B (CA)83.54LIT
100Canyon Crest A (CA)83.47LONE STAR

Here are the mACF-Only adjustments, with RAFT as the baseline.

SetP/G Adj.Rescaled P/GPPB Adj.TeamsP/G LinksPPB Links
LONE STAR0.1200.801.181075359
Prison Bowl0.3092.073.7819913
ACF FallN/AN/A3.2716032
ACF WinterN/AN/A7.464013

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