February 26, 2020 Rankings

After a couple of tournaments which helped us update our rankings (letting us among other things add for the first time full Blair A and GDS A to the rankings!), we are back with another release of rankings. There is definitely a slight shakeup at the top, with a lot of major changes coming from last weekend’s burst of tournaments.

We do our best to keep track of all the tournaments going on throughout the country, but sometimes we lack access to a couple. If you have any stats we have not included in our most recent set of rankings, feel free to send them our way! Thanks as always to our Patreon subscribers:

Dawn Combs

Fred Morlan

Goma Srinivasan

Kaili Fan

Sindhu Nair

Vikshar Athreya

Tyler Vaughan

1Hunter A (NY)116.04EFT
2Millburn A (NJ)114.63BLAST
3University Lab A (IL)112.41Penn Bowl
4Miami Valley A (OH)111.88Scottie
5Phillips Academy A (MA)108.80WAIT
6Adlai E. Stevenson A (IL)107.70RAFT
7Ithaca A (NY)107.41EFT
8Saratoga A (CA)107.05EFT
9Georgetown Day A (DC)106.75HFT
10Stanford Online A (CA)106.45LOGIC
11Mission San Jose A (CA)106.44EFT
12Beavercreek A (OH)106.33HFT
13Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech A (VA)104.67Penn Bowl
14Montgomery Blair A (MD)103.44HFT
15Westview A (CA)103.14BLAST
16Detroit Catholic Central A (MI)101.25LOGIC
17Chattahoochee A (GA)99.66LOGIC
18Strake Jesuit A (TX)99.01HFT
19St. Mark’s School of Texas A (TX)98.86EFT
20Richard Montgomery A (MD)98.68IS-186
21Lambert A (GA)98.23LOGIC
22Ed W. Clark A (NV)96.98IS-190
23Wayzata A (MN)96.92IS-188
24East Chapel Hill A (NC)96.18EFT
25Manheim Township A (PA)95.86WAIT
26Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech B (VA)95.63HFT
27High Tech A (NJ)95.10WAIT
28Barrington A (IL)95.01IS-188
29LASA A (TX)94.69IS-186
30Lexington A (MA)94.56EFT
31U of Toronto Schools A (ON)94.46EFT
32Mounds View A (MN)94.18WAIT
33Ladue A (MO)93.37WAIT
34Brophy College Prep A (AZ)92.78HFT
35East Brunswick A (NJ)92.64RAFT
36Wayzata B (MN)92.31IS-186
37Arcadia A (CA)91.96BLAST
38Del Norte A (CA)91.61SSNCT-19
39Stanton College Prep B (FL)91.41IS-186
41Hunter B (NY)90.68IS-186
42Woodford County A (KY)90.49CALISTO
43Eastside A (GA)90.12WAIT
44Solon A (OH)89.84CALISTO
45Greenhill A (TX)89.79IS-186
46Carnegie Vanguard A (TX)89.58IS-188
47Detroit Country Day A (MI)89.49HFT
48Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech C (VA)89.11HFT
49Acton-Boxborough A (MA)88.95BHSAT
50Centennial A (MD)88.86IS-186
51Tenafly A (NJ)88.75RAFT
52Latin School A (IL)88.59CALISTO
53Cambridge A (GA)88.59WAIT
54St. Louis Patriots A (MO)88.28LOGIC
55Cistercian A (TX)88.08IS-190
56McLean A (VA)87.94IS-188
57Chicago Christian A (IL)87.91CALISTO
58BASIS McLean A (VA)87.89IS-186
59Davis A (CA)87.73LOGIC
60Hoover A (AL)87.43LOGIC
61Belmont A (MA)87.34BHSAT
62William Fremd A (IL)87.33CALISTO
63State College A (PA)87.02BLAST
64Russell A (KY)86.99RAFT
65Hinsdale Central A (IL)86.60IS-188
66Northmont A (OH)86.26Scottie
67Great Valley A (PA)86.20IS-190
68Adlai E. Stevenson B (IL)85.99IS-188
69Williamsville A (IL)85.85LOGIC
70Westview B (CA)85.65LOGIC
71Harker A (CA)85.57IS-188
72Santa Monica A (CA)85.07IS-186
73Penn Manor A (PA)84.51Penn Bowl
74Hotchkiss A (CT)84.10BLAST
75Lusher A (LA)84.09IS-188
76TAG Magnet A (TX)84.01IS-190
77Montgomery Blair B (MD)83.97HFT
78Adlai E. Stevenson C (IL)83.59IS-188
79Eden Prairie A (MN)82.99IS-188
80Adlai E. Stevenson D (IL)82.99CALISTO
81Plymouth A (NH)82.84Scottie
82Langley A (VA)82.65HFT
83George Washington A (WV)82.64IS-190
84William Henry Harrison A (IN)82.63IS-186
85Springfield A (IL)82.36IS-188
86Buffalo Grove A (IL)82.34IS-188
87Dorman A (SC)81.74BLAST
88Bellarmine College Prep A (CA)81.58LOGIC
89Mira Loma A (CA)81.57IS-190
90St. Joseph Central A (MO)81.55BHSAT
91Hamilton A (AZ)81.13SSNCT-19
92Freeman A (VA)81.08RAFT
93Wilmington Charter A (DE)80.98RAFT
94Archbishop Mitty B (CA)80.75LOGIC
95Livingston A (NJ)80.74RAFT
96Ridgewood A (NJ)80.73BLAST
97Middlesboro A (KY)80.58Scottie
98Dunbar A (KY)80.56IS-188
99Alton A (IL)80.51IS-188
100High Tech B (NJ)80.32IS-186
101Southside A (SC)80.30LOGIC
102Raffles A (SG)80.16IS-186
103Chattahoochee B (GA)80.16Penn Bowl
104Copley A (OH)80.12IS-186
105Alma Bryant A (AL)80.03IS-188
106Homestead A (CA)79.77IS-188
107Henderson A (PA)79.76IS-186
108Detroit Catholic Central B (MI)79.21HFT
109James Clemens A (AL)79.00Scottie
110Carbondale A (IL)78.94BLAST
111Enloe A (NC)78.63IS-186
112Westmount A (ON)78.58MWT
113Darien A (CT)78.57IS-190
114Carmel A (IN)78.46IS-188
115Jones College Prep A (IL)77.85IS-188
116North Gwinnett A (GA)77.79WAIT
117Plano West A (TX)77.67IS-188
118Evanston A (IL)77.19IS-188
119Oakton A (VA)77.05JBB
120Rockford Auburn A (IL)76.93IS-188
121Paideia A (GA)76.87WAIT
122Dutch Fork A (SC)76.87BHSAT
123St. Anselm’s A (DC)76.57IS-186
124Macomb A (IL)76.46LOGIC
125St. Joseph A (IN)76.45IS-186
126Hoffman Estates A (IL)76.30IS-188
127North Carolina Science and Math A (NC)76.29IS-186
128Jamestown A (VA)76.29JBB
129Richard Montgomery B (MD)76.01IS-186
130Caddo Magnet A (LA)76.01IS-188
131Parish Episcopal A (TX)75.90IS-186
132Wheeler A (GA)75.71BLAST
133Challenger-Almaden A (CA)75.65IS-188
134Daviess County A (KY)75.46Scottie
135University School A (OH)75.34IS-186
136Dunlap A (IL)75.30IS-188
137Friends Select A (PA)74.93IS-190
138Trinity A (PA)74.89IS-190
139St. Francis A (CA)74.81LOGIC
140Great Valley B (PA)74.78IS-190
141Merrol Hyde A (TN)74.78Scottie
142Carl Sandburg A (IL)74.73IS-188
143Clarke A (NY)74.23IS-188
144East Brunswick B (NJ)74.16IS-190
145James E. Taylor A (TX)73.84IS-190
146Maggie Walker Governor’s School A (VA)73.72IS-188
147Monta Vista A (CA)73.66LOGIC
148Wilton A (CT)73.56IS-186
149Bellaire A (TX)73.52IS-186
150Strake Jesuit B (TX)73.47HFT
151Cinco Ranch A (TX)73.31IS-192
152College Heights Christian A (MO)73.11HFT
153Eden Prairie B (MN)73.08IS-186
154Norman North A (OK)72.96IS-192
155Palatine A (IL)72.91IS-188
156BASIS Scottsdale A (AZ)72.49IS-186
157Great Neck South A (NY)72.39SSNCT-19
158Kinkaid A (TX)72.34IS-192
159Lynbrook A (CA)72.26LOGIC
160Winston Churchill A (MD)72.05HFT
161Dougherty Valley A (CA)72.04IS-188
162South Forsyth A (GA)71.85IS-186
163Community School of Naples A (FL)71.80IS-190
164American International Guangzhou A (GD)71.53IS-188
165Irvington A (CA)71.40LOGIC
166Chattahoochee C (GA)71.37LOGIC
167Loyola Academy A (IL)71.21IS-188
168Kellenberg A (NY)71.05HFT
169Archbishop Mitty A (CA)71.00LOGIC
170Allderdice A (PA)70.73IS-190
171Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech E (VA)70.69HFT
172Collegiate High at NWFSC A (FL)70.59IS-188
173Norfolk Academic Guild A (VA)70.51IS-188
174Detroit Catholic Central C (MI)70.44WAIT
175Seoul International A (SK)70.42IS-188
176Christ School A (NC)70.42IS-190
177Choate A (CT)70.26RAFT
178Cranbrook Kingswood A (MI)70.17IS-190
179Edmond Memorial A (OK)70.08IS-192
180Plano West B (TX)69.88IS-190
181Buchholz A (FL)69.72IS-186
182Archbishop Hoban A (OH)69.54IS-186
183Singapore American A (SG)69.52IS-188
184Seven Lakes A (TX)69.48IS-188
185Thomas Jefferson Classical A (NC)69.46IS-186
186Dalton School A (NY)69.43IS-188
187BASIS Chandler A (AZ)69.21IS-186
188William Fremd B (IL)69.17CALISTO
189Blacksburg B (VA)69.09Prison Bowl XII
190Harker B (CA)68.98IS-188
191Treasure Valley A (ID)68.84EFT
192Dublin Scioto A (OH)68.55IS-188
193Advanced Math & Science A (MA)68.43Scottie
194Seton Hall Prep A (NJ)67.97IS-188
195Walnut Hills A (OH)67.89IS-186
196Wheatley A (NY)67.86LOGIC
197duPont Manual A (KY)67.57BLAST
198Lakewood A (OH)67.50IS-186
199Metea Valley A (IL)67.45IS-188
200Churchill Middle A (CA)67.37IS-188
201Christ Church Episcopal A (SC)67.22BHSAT
202Blacksburg A (VA)67.18BLAST
203Chelsea A (MI)67.12LOGIC
204Chatham Glenwood A (IL)67.08IS-188
205Bergen Tech-Teterboro A (NJ)66.98BLAST
206Timothy Christian A (IL)66.76IS-188
207Barrington B (IL)66.57CALISTO
208Coppell A (TX)66.42IS-186
209Strake Jesuit C (TX)66.37IS-188
210Johns Creek A (GA)66.30BLAST
211Itawamba Agricultural A (MS)66.30IS-190
212Grady A (GA)66.24WAIT
213Centennial B (MD)66.10IS-186
214Hidden Valley A (VA)65.92BLAST
215Lincoln-Way East A (IL)65.90IS-188
216Great Valley C (PA)65.90IS-190
217Gwinnett Math and Science A (GA)65.87IS-186
218Walton A (GA)65.84LOGIC
219Saratoga B (CA)65.84LOGIC
220Ben Franklin A (LA)65.66IS-186
221Early College at Guilford A (NC)65.59IS-186
222Eden Prairie C (MN)65.58IS-186
223Livonia Churchill A (MI)65.51LOGIC
224Hwa Chong A (SG)65.47IS-186
225Cave Spring A (VA)65.46Prison Bowl XII
226Hunter C (NY)65.24IS-186
227Dublin A (CA)65.18IS-188
228Valley Christian A (CA)65.14IS-188
229Gunderson A (CA)65.13LOGIC
230Mandarin A (FL)65.12IS-186
231Westminster A (GA)64.87BLAST
232Wayzata C (MN)64.84IS-186
233North Kansas City A (MO)64.82IS-186
234University Lab B (IL)64.81WAIT
235BASIS Chandler B (AZ)64.61IS-186
236Allderdice B (PA)64.53IS-190
237Ames A (IA)64.41IS-190
238Cistercian B (TX)64.36IS-188
239Waubonsie Valley A (IL)64.25IS-188
240Baton Rouge Magnet A (LA)64.25IS-186
241Decatur A (GA)64.16LOGIC
242Poplar Bluff A (MO)64.09IS-188
243John Cooper A (TX)63.98IS-186
244South Burlington A (VT)63.69HFT
245Centennial D (MD)63.67IS-186
246Hamilton B (AZ)63.66HFT
247Seoul Foreign A (SK)63.64IS-188
248Roeper A (MI)63.56IS-190
249Woodford County B (KY)63.54IS-188
250East Chapel Hill B (NC)63.48IS-186
251State College B (PA)63.37BLAST
252Greenhill B (TX)63.37IS-186
253BASIS Ahwatukee A (AZ)63.34SSNCT-19
254Germantown Friends A (PA)63.31LOGIC
255Glasgow A (KY)63.26LOGIC
256Northview A (GA)63.25WAIT
257Coppell B (TX)63.17IS-188
258Hong Kong International A (HK)63.08IS-188
259Plano West C (TX)62.97IS-188
260Shaker Heights A (OH)62.83IS-186
261Stillwater A (OK)62.82IS-192
262Gadsden City A (AL)62.73IS-190
263Rio Americano A (CA)62.70IS-190
264Homewood-Flossmoor A (IL)62.69IS-188
265Winchester Thurston A (PA)62.68IS-190
266Galloway A (GA)62.65LOGIC
267Hempfield A (PA)62.62Scottie
268Glenbard North A (IL)62.62IS-188
269Oxford A (PA)62.58Scottie
270Darien B (CT)62.56IS-190
271Glenbrook South A (IL)62.55CALISTO
272Stanford Online B (CA)62.41LOGIC
273Moravian Academy A (PA)62.25Scottie
274Ransom Everglades A (FL)62.22IS-188
275Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech D (VA)62.12HFT
276Spring Valley A (SC)62.05IS-190
277Middlesex County Academy A (NJ)61.95IS-190
278St. Ignatius A (OH)61.94IS-192
279Madison Central A (MS)61.92IS-188
281Bethesda-Chevy Chase A (MD)61.71HFT
282Solon B (OH)61.55IS-188
283North Hollywood A (CA)61.50HFT
284St. John’s B (TX)61.48IS-186
285Detroit Jesuit A (MI)61.48IS-190
286Troy A (MI)61.27LOGIC
287Trinity A (KY)61.24Scottie
288Thayer A (MO)61.24SSNCT-19
289Seven Lakes B (TX)61.11IS-186
290Trinity A (NY)61.08SSNCT-19
291Bishop Ludden A (NY)61.05IS-190
292Evergreen Valley A (CA)61.05LOGIC
293Biotech A (NJ)61.02BLAST
294Carlinville A (IL)60.98Scottie
295Bellaire B (TX)60.94IS-188
296West Lauderdale A (MS)60.92IS-186
297LASA B (TX)60.91IS-192
298DeWitt A (MI)60.86IS-190
299Manheim Township B (PA)60.84Scottie
300Randolph A (AL)60.84IS-190

9 thoughts on “February 26, 2020 Rankings

  1. I have been, and continue to be, amused by the St. Mark’s “A” vs. Cistercian “A” rankings on this site. There seems to be some form of interpretive parallax which makes it possible to view the reality and consistency of one team’s record over another’s. Of course, I’ll be chided (I have been before) by replies that say something to the effect that “this is NOT what we are measuring”. OK, fine! — but reality is a tough thing to fudge.


    1. Like everyone has been saying, this site only ranks based on statistics. If cistercian posts bad statistics and still wins then so be it, you get the trophies and St. Marks gets the higher rank. But, it is pretty clear despite cistercian’s wins that St. Marks is the better team, which is why they are consistently ranked higher. Your argument may have had some standing at the last two tournaments, where St. Marks had yet to prove that they could beat cistercian (though the stats clearly indicated they could) but at the most recent tournament St. Marks proved why they are clearly the better team. As they have all season, they put up better powers per game and better points per bonus than cistercian did. This time, however, they also beat cistercian twice (despite some of your rather unorthodox protest antics), and their only loss to cistercian came on a trash question at the end. By your logic, TAG Magnet would be the top team in Dallas after beating St. Marks, Greenhill, and Cistercian, but no one thinks that because St. Marks averaged much higher numbers.


      1. It seems that “ketone” (whoever that is) has not only an axe to grind vis a vis St. Mark’s loss to Cistercian “A” but, indeed, some personal knowledge of my actions as the coach for the the Cistercian teams at that tournament; I have no regrets. I know the rules and use them appropriately, period. Regarding ‘unorthodox protest antics’ I would simply refer everyone to the NAQT rules as written; unorthodox is not unethical. And, I do happen to know something about those rules since I’ve become familiar with them ever since the very first nationals in 1999 in Norman, OK – we were there. Oh, BTW, since I helped St. Mark’s get started as a QB school/team back in the dark ages, I think I have some knowledge of how they have played over the years — and that’s perhaps one reason why they had some trouble making it to the finals of that tournament recently. Their “A” team is a fine group of players — clearly — and I respect them, but they haven’t yet figured out how to consistently beat Cisterican “A”. Perhaps “ketone” can give them some suggestions, if, indeed, he’s not a member of the team.


      2. Nice try Father Greg, but I don’t go to St. Mark’s. Sorry if I hurt your feelings by calling your protest unorthodox, but I never called it unethical or rule-violating. It was just an act of desperation for your team to upset St. Mark’s that game. Your time/experience in quiz bowl does not change that. Your “response” also wasn’t a response to my post and didn’t give an evidence-based reason why Cistercian is better than St. Mark’s. Your only justification was that Cistercian has won more, but your stats are worse and at the most recent tournament St. Mark’s won the matchup 2/3 times.


    2. You seem to have a fair point. Can you elaborate on what you think is a better measurement to judge teams by, or do you think there just shouldn’t be any rankings at all?


      1. We must admit that there is no perfect way to rank teams that will result in universal satisfaction. However, I am not quite sure if there is a better alternative. Feel welcome to share one if you have something in mind.


      2. (the other comment posted by this account on this thread was intended to be a reply to the original comment, that of FATHER GREGORY SCHWEERS, 0. CIST rather than Riley Reid)


    3. My man you really need to log off. I get that this kind of posting is part of your brand (which is maybe something you should reconsider) but you’re arguing with high schoolers in a thread filled with porn star pseudonyms about some pretty arbitrary rankings. You’re above this.


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